MAT Aire, Inc is a leading company for private jet management, based out of St. Louis.

Offering a diverse range of service including aircraft management for private jets, aircraft maintenance oversight, as well as sales and acquisitions of executive jets. Through our consistent, “customer centric” service and superior safety standards, we have become a reliable private jet company for clients around the world. We count some famous names from different industry verticals such as politics, sports, entertainment, corporate, and finance as our satisfied and long-term customers.

Our Vision and Mission:
  • Become the standard of aircraft management in the Midwest
  • Place the needs and satisfaction of our clients above profits
  • Keep our clients safe by observing the cutting-edge standards in aviation safety
  • Consistently deliver a level of excellence found only through aircraft management by MAT Aire, Inc.

Our team of aviation experts have a combined aviation experience of more than 20 years and this has helped us stand out from the crowd of private jet companies in the world. Through expert leadership, we have been able to tailor aircraft management solutions that are sure to exceed the client’s expectations each and every time. Our experience and contacts in the aviation industry helps us provide you with the most competitive rates in the industry.

Since we are not limited to a small number of aircraft or a single network of airlines, we can arrange for you to reach your destination in your preferred rate at the earliest time possible. Our access to a large number of aircraft, both small and large, also gives us the ability to fly you in and out of any place in the world.

At MAT Aire Inc we are proud of our customer focused approach. We started out as a private jet company that swore to deliver private jet management which exceed our clients’ expectations and today, we are still maintaining that promise. Our aircraft offer an enhanced experience in all aspects of luxury and corporate jet travel while maintaining proper safety standards. Our efforts to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations has earned us an enviable reputation in the aviation industry. Whether it is your first flight or you are a return flier, we will always treat you the same and aim to save your both money and time and get you to your destination safe.

Fly with MAT Aire, Inc and enjoy the benefits of private air travel.